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The goal of the LinkSearch project is to build a Google-like search engine. Like Google, we aim to provide the highest quality rankings possible by analyzing hypertext links in the web.

Unlike Google, LinkSearch...

We should note that while LinkSearch only looks at URLs found in local log files to "crawl" the Web, it can also be used as a global search engine particularly if the Squid proxy log is used. That's because it will pick up the "slice" of the Web that is typically browsed by people in the institution generating those logs.

Observe that this "slice" captures the particular interests of the people involved. For example, if you search for "weather", you will get weather local to your particular city. A global search engine would give you a general page on weather.


You can try out the new open source version here:

Project Members

We are looking for people to test and optimize the current code.


Proposed Design of Open Source Version

Source Code

The source is in CVS. You should be able to compile it on most Linux installations. You will need to use anonymous CVS to download the code. Basically, you need to type: cvs -z3 co src.

IR Resources

Developer Resources

Some relevant papers

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